Kayla and Matt’s Wedding, Untitled Music Project, Many More Weddings. It is a Busy Summer

I started the last Untitled Music Project episode with one of my favorite movie quotes, “It has been a long night, but Rockin Ricky Rialto is STILL on the air”. I feel that way about this blog. I started it with every intention of updating and keeping the content fresh and then I get headlong into wedding season and look at where we are. March was my last update. I apologize!

One wedding that Sticks out is Matt and Kayla’s wedding at Falkner Winery in Temecula. Not only does it stand out for how great Matt and Kayla were to work with, nor for the wonderful setting alone, it also gave me the opportunity to work with one of my good friends, Tim of Timothy J Photography.

ceremony at falkner winery

Matt and Kayla’s view from the ceremony lawn at Falkner Winery. Photo by Timothyjphoto.com

After the beautiful ceremony, oficiated by Matt’s sister. The guests moved into the Pinnacle room for the reception. Tim snapped this photo of me hard at work.

DJ Mike Carroll hard at work.

DJ Mike Carroll hard at work. Photo by Timothyjphoto.com

Then the party began. You know it’s going to be a good night when a groomsmen is lifted into the air. Yup that happened early in the night. Not a first time for me, but a much better photo.

temecula dj dancing at falkner winery

I love it when a Groomsmen gets some air time. Photo by Timothyjphoto.com

Course if the Bride and Groom aren’t having fun, what’s the point.

temeucla dj bride and groom dancing

Matt and Kayla enjoying the dance floor. Groomsmen gets some air time. Photo by Timothyjphoto.com

The night could not have been better. By the way did I mention this was a Sunday wedding.


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